Pamela showed me how to be aware of my body and break habits that would affect me negatively. She considered all aspects of my personal activities and encouraged healthy and effortless posture in my daily life. I am more mindful of my movement and feel the difference her guidance has done for my body. For example, long-term knee pain went away in the first week of lessons and it hasn’t returned. I not only feel more confident in my posture, but I am able to maintain my correct posture comfortably. Before my lessons with Pamela, I was constantly seeking comfort, but it eluded me.

Dana Jabreel

I work in a medical office. A physician in my office (he didn't know I was working with Pamela) noticed that my knee was tracking properly for the first time after 14 years of knee pain and swelling. That is how he learned of Pamela's work and began sending many patients to her too. Aside from my knee getting realigned, new muscles started working from my feet to my pelvic floor.

Dodi Henning, Massage Therapist of 29 years; Los Angeles, CA