Optimal biomechanics is the "alignment-in-action" that nature intended for your muscles, ligaments, joints, and other structures.


Biomechanics is the science that describes how your alignment and other choices (e.g., shoes, clothing, furniture) affect the forces between your body and the external environment (e.g., walking surface, your bed, gravity). Biomechanics also describes the forces within your body (e.g., your muscles pulling on bones, the position of your bones affecting organ function).

Once Learned, it Becomes Second Nature

Whereas you make many health decisions several times a day (like whether you eat healthy food), or several times each week (like whether you exercise or not), you get to affect your biomechanics all day, every day, and to some extent while you sleep. Yet, unlike maintaining healthful diet and exercise, maintaining healthful biomechanical patterns is easier because you don't need to keep thinking about it. Once I teach you how to practice optimal everyday biomechanics, and you practice for about 6 weeks, the patterns become automatic.

With Significant Life-Long Benefits

As a biomechanist, I will teach you how to develop automatic patterns for alignment-in-action that keep you safe at work, home, and play and help you to generate more force with less impact when you walk, run, and jump. You will be grateful for decades that you befriended the force of gravity so that, each day, gravity builds your bone density and key muscle strength and endurance, and bolsters the other work you do to look and be healthy.

Not sure that your program is about the hard road, but rather using ancient wisdom and the genius of our creator's work. The human body is so amazing, and the wisdom of those who study it (like you) is so valuable. Such a small amount of information can make such a difference in life.

Bill Gross; Productivity Coach, Century 21 Masters (Los Angeles, CA)