Rapid, Measurable Changes in How You Feel, Function, and Look

Most of my students have tried “everything” and then found solutions to their pain through working with me. Here is what’s unique about my process as a renowned biomechanist and neuromuscular training expert:

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Pamela Rief…specializes in a unique form of musculoskeletal re-education. Pamela uses her extensive scientific background to help individuals...replace poor habits with more physiologic habits, optimize mobility, and reduce tension and pain….

Unlike traditional physical therapy, her work focuses on whole body musculoskeletal function and takes advantage of primitive neural pathways, which, when re-discovered, allow a patient to have improved posture, gait and, in many cases, decreased pain. Sometimes this occurs immediately; other times it occurs after a period of repeated practice in the office or at home.

The positioning Pamela teaches also engages and increases baseline tone in otherwise poorly used musculature—without repetitive weight lifting or lunges or other toning devices.…

Dr. Kathryn Gill, M.D.; Santa Monica, CA

Pamela has been able to answer questions about my body (why this tendency, why that awkwardness, why the continual re-injury ...) that I have been asking rehab experts for years. I have only had 3 short Skype sessions with her, but already I am noticing differences in the ways I sit, stand, walk, and use my shoulders, and the pain from my injuries has already begun to subside!....Looking forward to more transformation!

Katherine E. Halliwell, Board Certified Music Therapist; Long Beach, CA

Pam's genius is her vision of where you can be posturally, her ability to assess with radar-like accuracy the deviation and apply her guidance in carefully measured steps that are easy to follow for correction. After 8 sessions I can say my glutes are really firing, my feet are stronger and engaged more fully in the gait, I sit correctly with more frequency and feel better overall. I made improvements that no yoga class, chiro visit or exercise physiologist was able to accomplish. Pamela is vivacious, keenly observant, and her method cuts to the chase to get results where other approaches fall short.

C.B.; Massage Therapist

Pamela teaches postural approaches with a clear, no nonsense approach. She models the behaviors, then trains the person, and shows a lot of knowledge of body dynamics and physiology. I was impressed with her abilities to teach me, as I've studied similar approaches…, and didn't find them as helpful.

Andrew Gottlieb, Ph.D.; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Lasting Change; Palo Alto, CA

Pamela is a sensitive teacher, with a quick grasp of a student's structural weaknesses.  With this ability Pam is able to personalize her teaching instead of applying a 'one size fits all' formula.  It empowers students to heal themselves with clear guidelines that are specific to their needs.

Thea Sawyer; Aplomb Instructor Certified by the Aplomb Institute of Paris, France (Saratoga, CA)