Pamela has a depth of knowledge about the body, and sensitivity to the individual needs of students, that is hard-won and difficult to find. I highly recommend her.

Raymond Peck, MSEE, Certified Balance Teacher "

Pamela has an intuitive feel for what a body needs.  She is the real deal.  She really cares and has the will to help others overcome their hurdles

Dodi Henning, Massage Therapist of 29 years
(Los Angeles, CA)

My mission as a biomechanist and neuromuscular training expert is to do all I'm able to eliminate preventable suffering by translating science into significant impact.. I am especially dedicated to helping people of all ages feel really good when they work and move. I feel immense gratitude that my training and experience allow me to help people overcome "stubborn" and "thorny" physical challenges—or better, to avoid them.

A Rigorous Scientific Grounding

My work to help transform musculoskeletal health outcomes is based in part on my synthesis of thousands of peer-reviewed papers and best practices in the fields of e.g., sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, ergonomics, health psychology, and motor learning. I feel privileged to learn from scientists and educators globally who make exceptional contributions to our understanding of musculoskeletal health, biomechanics, and healthful breathing.

Starting in 1995, during my training at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, I learned that to change individuals' health behaviors I need a thorough understanding of the causative and exacerbating factors. When possible, I must address the entire web of causation, including environmental factors that allowed the physiological factors to flourish. In this multidisciplinary tradition, I often collaborate with the other key practitioners who care for my students.

Integrating Valuable Findings from Outside Biomedicine

I have gained some of the greatest insights into how to restore natural foot-to-neck function from a French anthropologist, Dr. Noëlle Perez-Christiaens. She has worked tirelessly since 1959 to characterize the biomechanics of healthy populations. My long-term studies with Dr. Perez-Christiaens taught me some powerful postural and movement education approaches that allow the challenges of modern life to make us stronger rather than break us down, little by little. My fusion of Dr. Perez-Christiaens' genius, ground-breaking work with my ongoing studies of cutting edge findings and practices helps me to have the greatest impact on each complex problem my students present.

Personal Transformation of Physical Dysfunction to Resilience and Confidence

I was born with multiple defects of my spine and pelvis. These congenital defects predisposed me to decades of physical injury, pain, and poor function. I thought stress urinary incontinence was normal, and figured every kid hurt when they walked because I did. By age 23, my physical challenges were at times debilitating. I tried nearly every traditional and alternative treatment and procedure with no persisting benefit. I was ignorant of my biomechanical habits that perpetuated the growing list of formidable diagnoses.

I know from personal experience that misinformation can be extremely frustrating, costly, and even dangerous. I will pass on to you the high standard of information that has enabled me to be more comfortable and highly functional in my 40's than I had been as child. If you’re interested, I’ll also teach you how I corrected my pronounced slump (frank kyphosis and scoliosis) and grew 1.5 inches in my 30's. I will share with you my gift to make exercise and the activities of modern living easy on your body. You’ll learn how to replace repetitive strain with repetitive gain©. I have a deep sense of duty to apply my training to empower as many people as possible to do what’s needed to heal themselves and stay on the thrilling path of natural function.

I look forward to meeting you, to help you achieve unique, long-lasting benefits that you will notice from the outset.​

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