I give you the structural support to be your best in all activities, long term. I teach you how to regain and retain fundamental patterns of natural alignment, awareness, and breath; muscle balance, power, and coordination; and maximal ease and comfort. You will have the support you need from your feet upward.  

You were born with these healthy patterns of movement and breath. Young children simply need the proper environment to preserve their best selves. For older children and adults of any age, it’s simply a matter of returning to ease in all activities, including performing arts, exercise and sport, and everyday tasks. The benefits of natural structural habits are reinforced all of your life.

In my lessons and seminars, regardless of our particular focus, we will talk about what looks strong and beautiful. Looking your best is a “side effect” of practicing natural biomechanics. This has been true for thousands of years.

Pam demonstrates an 'above and beyond the call of duty’ dedication....As her holistic approach demonstrates, she is above all master educator and sleuth as she assists each student in discovering what was there all of the time.

Christy Perry (Palo Alto, CA)