"I've been astonished at [Pamela's] abilities to figure out an individual's underlying habits...which cause a wide variety of physical problems. She has a remarkable ability to work with people of all ages to affect long-lasting change in their functional status (e.g., improved balance, pelvic floor rehabilitation), reduced pain levels, and safety from injury in activity.

Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge, MD PhD; Menlo Park, CA

Yesterday I was with friends and we talked about you and your work. They said I was not stooping over, but standing much straighter. Thanks you, Pamela. You are a wonder.

Dee H. Age 79 San Jose, CA
Buck the trend of physical decline with aging

Today, the popular ways of moving and even how we sit and sleep cause widespread wear and tear in our everyday movements. We show significant signs of aging by our 30’s, and are told that this is normal. Women of all ages are resigned to the fact that they can’t jump or run without leakage. And men believe they have to live from here on in with repeated trips to the restroom. Sure it is now the norm for our sore bodies not to function as we want, but it certainly does not need to stay this way.

I’ve spent many years synthesizing all of the relevant areas of research to address the worsening epidemic of physical pain and dysfunction. I will help you understand why your body hasn’t been keeping up with you. By training with me, you’ll learn step-by-step how to build functional strength, comfort, and agility in your everyday activities. I will also teach you any needed precise therapeutic exercises to help you restore support and enjoy full function. Like my other students, you can feel and function better than you have since childhood.

With my help, you will:

  • Learn how to protect your knees, hip joints and spine in all activities.
  • Want to move, because it feels good.
  • Re-train your pelvic floor in no extra time each day (yes, men too), so that urination isn’t a nuisance.
  • Rid yourself of old habits and compensations that perpetuate dysfunction and pre-mature aging.
  • Reverse rounded upper-back (kyphosis), sway-back, and other abnormal curvature.
  • Maximize whole-body function throughout the rest of your life.

You’ll be that carefree 80 year old enjoying indoor and outdoor activities like hiking and dancing!

Get started.

I go to Zumba and Jazzercise and don't fall over. I can balance on one leg at a time for a minute or two. I couldn't do this before I worked with you.…I had much, much more trouble balancing before working with you. Many thanks. Balance is so important to prevent falling as you get older.

Ellen (Los Altos, CA), age 75