The Way to Live Free from Pain.

Far too many people experience musculoskeletal pain. Even those who are highly committed to finding a solution are still suffering. Unfortunately, popular standard and alternative treatments fail to address major root causes and therefore fail to provide more than very short-term relief. Even worse, many approaches to treatment inflict physical harm. This widespread failure to provide effective treatment is often because even well-meaning practitioners use strategies based on poor science or improper interpretation of science. Like my other students, you can age free of muscle, joint, and nerve pain, and without costly treatment. With high-quality information guiding your training with me, there is no need to wait to gain the knowledge and practice that give you the results you've wanted.

Training with me will empower you to eliminate your own symptoms and:

Your rapid increase in comfort, your new feeling of stability, and an "unwinding" you haven't felt in years and years will encourage your practice. And, because you'll be in command of your body, the benefits will expand—you'll feel even better as time passes.

Learn more about the distinct set of approaches that make these benefits possible, or simply just get started and begin to benefit from this life-changing training.

I first experienced Pamela’s work when I badly hurt my back and my usual treatments didn’t work. I could hardly sit, stand, or walk; it was so painful that I could only lie down on my back. I felt a relief from the pain during and after our first session, able to stand, walk, and sit again about 20 minutes into the session.

Being treated by Pamela not only helped me get rid of my pain but also taught me how to prevent future body aches. Pamela re-aligned my lower back by teaching me to be aware of the basic movements of my body, and how to well-align it in various common activities.

As a therapist who works with the body myself, I was amazed at what Pamela had taught me. My body still remembers how to use my spine and pelvis to prevent injuries.

It was a great gift to be treated by Pamela and to learn from her.

Y.A., M.A., Reiki Master and Teacher. Certified in Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Sports and Swedish massage

My husband has had 2 short Skype sessions so far, and his lower back pain has almost completely disappeared! Thanks, Pamela!

Katherine E. Halliwell, Board Certified Music Therapist; Long Beach, CA

My sessions with Pamela improved my posture and body awareness, and helped resolve a nagging pain in my neck. The work is so effective that I want her to see my daughter to help her recover from her gymnastics injuries.

Scott Delp, Ph.D. Professor of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Orthopaedic Surgery; Stanford University

Pamela is an amazing resource bringing incredible knowledge of the human body and her personal experience healing the human body using proper body mechanics rather than using radical surgery. I came to her unable to stand or walk or even lie in bed without pain in my hips and legs, and after 5 sessions, I stand and walk pain free, and am working towards normal walking and beyond. Pamela also consults with my doctor about my case to help make his treatment most effective for me.

Bill Gross; Productivity Coach, Century 21 Masters (Los Angeles, CA)

I'd highly recommend her, especially if you are having back pain. Since I worked with her, I've found myself using her guidelines to sit and move with less strain on my body.

Andrew Gottlieb, Ph.D.; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Lasting Change; Palo Alto, CA

The pain in my backside was very severe and it woke me up regularly. My pain started at least four years ago when I fell hard on the floor on my rear end....I've consulted a gynecologist, two orthopedists, and a proctologist. No one helped me, but they did rule out cancer. Thanks to you teaching me how to sit, lie down, and what to sit and sleep on, the pain rarely (maybe every three months) comes.

Tendonitis-I had this also for years! Before working with you, my chronic tendonitis basically hurt almost all the time. I did consult an orthopedist for this tendonitis (before my hip stress fracture)....He did not tell me how to get rid of it. He gave me a cortisone shot. With your lessons, it took (probably) just a few weeks to go away, so I just don't have this annoying, painful and embarrassing (because it often caused a slight limp) chronic tendonitis at all anymore.

Ellen; Los Altos, CA

Pamela often has some surprising answers that can significantly help your patients who have chronic issues….With the correct alignment, neurological feedback and cortical understanding blended together in the lesson, we also have the significant opportunity to function in a more physiologic and painless way….

Dr. Kathryn Gill, M.D.; Santa Monica, CA