In whatever you are doing, be one: body, soul, mind. Do it beautifully and with purity.
-Sparks of Divinity Quotes of B.K.S. Iyengar Collected by Noelle Perez-Christiaens; 1976

As I teach you to be graceful and strong in your everyday activities, grace and strength become second nature. So every time the camera is on you, you will instinctively show your lightest, most powerful self.

Lift is different from other approaches you've tried (for example, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Egoscue). These other methods and techniques have helped thousands of people to shed tension and experience certain improvements in posture and/or strength. But to have maximal ease, presence, and strong performance—now and long-term, you need to re-establish natural structural habits from your feet upward.* I will show you how to restore your fundamental whole-body alignment-in-motion, and vital natural breath support too, on-stage—and off-stage.

*Today our natural alignment is skewed by about age 4 or 5, when we have learned to mimic the pervasive slumpers in our modern culture. Artificial methods and techniques don't eliminate these pervasive bad habits. This is why performers suffer from preventable injury, pain, and declining function with age, despite the experts they have training them. Lift restores and expands your natural best.

Other benefits:

  • project your voice and your movement with precision, power, and ease
  • connect with audiences and impact them as you wish
  • preserve the elegant full-body architecture that protects your joints, bones, muscles, and ligaments against wear-and-tear
  • experience profound relaxation during the intense performance
  • exude great physical comfort
  • prolong your career

I am getting used to my "new body"…my voice sounds deeper and more peaceful and more beautiful. My diaphragm feels "open" and moving with ease. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!!

Dr. Jorge Moreno, Doctor of Osteopathy (Montebello, CA)

Learn more about the benefits of Lift and how Lift is different from other approaches, so you perform best.

Photographer: Louis Beaudet

I love Pam's teaching. She is very much a hands on teacher which I really like - and she really makes a difference for every one she touches….She is a particularly gifted teacher.

Barbara Wilkens, M.M., Certified Balance Teacher, who works with injured musicians and Repetitive Strain Injury (Palo Alto, CA)

From learning better posture from you, I have a lot more stamina. Could play much longer, virtually no pain when playing for long periods of time.

Matthew, professional piano player and recreational singer, NJ