I wanted to thank you for all the great posture and running advice that you have given me so far. I think they have really helped me to stay healthy and run fast this spring…. I actually ran 16 seconds faster.

K.K. Stanford U. Runner; "One of the top runners in the nation"

….Pamela's lessons resulted in renewed lower extremity and trunk function. Muscles that had been in spasm…returned to normal tone. Muscles that hadn't worked properly became activated and continue to engage naturally a couple years later.

Dr. Kathryn Gill, M.D. Santa Monica, CA

My sessions with Pamela improved my posture during walking, running, and cycling. Her technique is based on sound biomechanics principles and can complement work with physical therapists and athletic trainers. I would recommend her to any one interested in optimizing their performance.

Scott Delp, Ph.D. Professor of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Orthopaedic Surgery; Stanford University