To Maximize Long-Term Workplace Productivity

"I've been astonished at [Pamela's] abilities to figure out an individual's underlying habits...which cause a wide variety of physical problems. She has a remarkable ability to work with people of all ages to affect long-lasting change in their functional status (e.g., improved balance, pelvic floor rehabilitation), reduced pain levels, and safety from injury in activity.

Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge, MD PhD; Menlo Park, CA
Why is Self-Ergonomics™ Needed in Today's Workplaces?

Today, many Americans believe that, as they age, discomfort and declining function are inevitable. You might already know that in the U.S. at least 80% of adults experience back pain and 75% experience foot pain. Knee, hip, shoulder, and neck disorders are also far too common. Musculoskeletal disorders are by far the most common medical condition associated with lost work days and bed-rest days CDC NHIS, 2012.

Despite vast resources being dedicated to ergonomics interventions, exercise programs, MD care, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, etc., there has been no reduction in the pandemic levels of pain and compromised productivity. This is because ...

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Self Ergonomics™ Fills the Gap in Current Approaches to Worksite Wellness

In a variety of workplace settings, Self Ergonomics™ has a track record of uprooting the physical and external causes of ongoing pain and disability. There is no need to wait weeks or months to achieve significant lasting results. Like my other students, your employees will be reliably free from the burden of pain, and able to perform their very best.

Specifically, Self ErgonomicsTM:

  • Uses a unique, comprehensive set of educational approaches to make a quantifiable difference in long-term health in the workplace.
  • Is required so that back, foot, hip, shoulder, neck, and knee pain are not recurring expenses.
  • Reduces equipment expenditures by ending employees' reliance on expensive "ergonomic" products that, contrary to popular belief, erode long-term benefit.
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The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas Edison
With Self Ergonomics™, Employees Work and Play Free from Pain

Practicing Self-Ergonomics™ has these additional benefits to vulnerable employees; who will:

  • Understand and discontinue the patterns of using their bodies, which have continued to inflict repetitive strain, stress, injury.
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Self Ergonomics™ is effective even if employees have limited time to devote to health

Even if employees have almost no extra time to work on their health, Self Ergonomics™ keeps them on-track to pain-free, maximally functional days and years.

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The other main change I have noticed is that I can now feel when my lower back and torso slip out of 'neutral spine'

E.P. Stanford U. High Jumper